2011 Powder Metallurgy Technology and Business Forum
May 26-28, 2011
Yangzhou Convention Center
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
The PM Technology and Business Forum, a major PM event sponsored by the China PM Business Network, has achieved great success in the last three years. Especially the 2010 Forum, attracted about 400 delegates. In the past year, most PM enterprises have overcome difficulties of the global financial crisis and experienced a rapid growth. In the beginning of 2011, Chinese enterprises are facing new challenges such as increased materials and labor costs. Chinese companies are eager to know more about the latest trends in PM technology, supply channels, product prices, equipment, materials and new business opportunities. Therefore, we decided to continue with the 4th Powder Metallurgy Technology and Business Forum, providing a platform for exchange of ideas and solutions.


Technical Program


* Oral presentations will be held by well-known industry experts, in regard to market and technology trends of PM parts, PM materials and PM equipment;

  * Technical presentations on PM technology will help the delegates to master the latest PM technology trends.

* Topics related to the following technological problems between PM experts and PM enterprises, will include the following issues:
    1. Forming, molds and mold base structures for multi-step and complex PM structural parts;
    2. Secondary operation of Fe, Cu, and stainless steel based PM parts, such as cleaning, anti rusting, plating, anti magnetic and steam treatment.
    3. PM technical discussion: Quality control in MIM, warm compacting, re-pressing and re-sintering.
    4. Discussion on application of PM technology in the automobile field.
    5. Discussion on processes and technology details for various PM materials.


* Display of the latest PM technology and equipment, a small exhibition will be held next to the forum venue. If you want to display your products in the exhibition, please contact us.


* Visiting a large Chinese PM enterprise

  Time: May 26-28, 2011. May 26 is reserved to the checking in and registration.

  Venue: Yangzhou Convention Center, Four Star Hotel
        No. 1 Qilidian Rd, Xincheng West District, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province
        Close to Yangzhou Railway Station, with a beautiful scenery and convenient transportation.




RMB 900 per person, hotel expense (RMB 260 Per Room/Day) not included.


Sponsor: China PM Business Network (www.pmbiz.com.cn)
Co-sponsor: Yangzhou Haili Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd
                     Bazhou Hongsheng Rolling Steel Co.,Ltd
                     Yangzhou Porite Technology Industry Co., Ltd
                     Ningbo Dongfang Heating Equipments Co., Ltd.
                     QMP Metal Powders (Suzhou) co., Ltd.
                     Nantong Fushi Hydraulic Press Co.,Ltd
                    Jiangsu Mechanical Engineering Institute PM Branch
                    Zhejiang Mechanical Engineering Institute PM Branch


Supporter: PM Institute of Anhui Province, of Fujian Province, of Jiangsu Province, of Shandong Province, and of Shanghai.


Mr.Zeng: +86-15306598878 Mr Lu: +86-18989498450
Tel: +86-571-85132819/85566796 Fax: +86-571-85235193    
Email: ml@pmbiz.com.cn   

For foreign guests, please directly contact with Michael Godin: +86-18626325303    Email:michael.godin@matepm.com

* Special reports on PM technology, developing trend by known experts from China and overseas;

* Special introduction by personnel from well-known PM equipments and materials enterprises in China and overseas;

* Direct communication about technological problems between experts and PM enterprises; 

* Discussion on opportunity and challenge PM enterprises face in internet information time.

* Display of new equipments, new technology and new products; 

* Finalizing “China Powder Metallurgy Directory” (2008 Version);

Time: Jun 26-28, 2008. Jun 26 is for checking in

Venue: Jiaxing Wenhuayuan Hotel
       No.415, Huancheng East Rd, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China

RMB800 per person, hotel expense not included.

Sponsor: China PM Business Network
Co-sponsor: Zhejiang PM Institute

Support by PM Institute of Anhui Province, of Fujian Province, of Jiangsu Province, of Shandong Province, and of Shanghai.

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